Wednesday, 29 June 2011

PX Emulsion Lifts

This was my first try at some emulsion lifts, I attempted it first with some Polaroid 100 Peel Apart with no luck so went onto PX70 Colour Shade & PX100 FF.

I'm going to buy more peel apart film and practice more in the summer.


First I got a small tray of cool water, and a bowl for my boiled water

All of the polaroids I wanted to practice peeling (Tip: Use photos you don't mind getting wrecked, it takes a few try's to get the hang of it), Scissors, Kettle, Small Paint Brush and I used some Ilford Pearl Darkroom Paper because I didn't have anything else that would hold the water.

Peel off the whole of the white border of the polaroid, and the black backing so you're left with just the image and the raw emulsion back. Pour freshly boiled water into the bowl and immerse the polaroid fully. Leave it in there until you can start to see the emulsion pulling away from the polaroid. Don't worry if loads of white stuff comes off the back (I freaked out and thought I'd wrecked it but it was fine!)

Have your piece of paper wet and ready in the cool water. Take the polaroid out of the boiling water and place on top of the wet paper. Very gently and slowly use your paint brush to tease the emulsion edges away from the plastic, eventually fully removing it.

Now you have your emulsion lift on your wet paper, gently tease it out to your desired effect, keeping it slightly wet all the time so it doesn't tear.

There you go! Mine are still drying, I will scan them in when fully dried :)

I also did one from PX100 FF film. 

I'm looking forward to doing this a lot more and can't wait for the results.


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