Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I just thought I'd put a quick note on here with some links of people who have wrote about me, featured me on a blog etc, as a thanks really for taking the time out to look at my work and being inspired by me.

Heather Steele, a lovely girl from my hometown who is studying a Degree in Journalism and featured me on her blog -

Frankie Magazine, asked me to be a part of their first limited edition photo book, published by Morrison Media -

Helene Deroubaix aka Ma Sorciere (flickr), who featured me in her amazing Female Self Portraiture book made up from girls of the group on flickr -

Leonard Miller , for drawing/painting me from polaroid inspiration. Hopefully be seeing some more! -

Theres been more, I know, but these have been my favourites.
Thanks guys x

something old, something new

Before I fell asleep last night I kept thinking about how I really need to put more effort into taking more photos, I was thinking about what I wanted to do and took inspiration from The Polaroid Book (Taschen)! I saw an image by Mark Power, of two young sisters, one of which is holding a doll by its hair. It seems so nostalgic and I instantly fell in love with it. Here is the image I'm talking about...

Here are images I took today on expired Polaroid Spectra film.

I feel like I look young in these images, I think it's because I just had all my hair chopped off and I look like I did when I was 5. I wish I was 5.

Image by Mark Power scanned from The Polaroid Book. All copyright to Mark Power/Taschen.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

a long walk...

Seeing as though we have been having some lovely weather the past few days, me and my friend Beth went for a walk across the back fields around Laceby. I've never walked round there before and was pleasantly surprised at some of the little hidden wonders there are.
I took my Spectra and expired film, of course! Here are a couple...

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