Tuesday, 4 September 2012


So I'm at the start of writing a major essay (8000 words) for university. My title is 'Self and Gender: Feminism, the Self-Portrait and its Importance within Contemporary Art and Photography'.

I got many books from the library all full of wonderful female photographers.

I wanted to post what I think are some of the most interesting women photographers, for you to see and hopefully be inspired by!

Alice Austen 'Trude & I Masked, Short Skirts' (1891)

Ana Casas Broda 'Self Portrait' - From 'Album' (1989-91)

Berenice Abbott 'Self Portrait with Beret' (1948)

Imogen Cunningham 'Self Portrait' (1958)

Toni Fressell 'Weeki Wachi Spring, Florida' (1947)

Vivian Maier 'Self Portrait' (1956)

Anne W.Brigman 'The Spirit of Photography' (1905)

Francesca Woodman 'Space², Providence, Rhode Island' (1975-1978)

There are hundreds more inspirational women photographers that would take me years to get through...


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