Sunday, 30 May 2010

more px600


Helen said...

Gorgeous sepia tones.
I ordered some silver shade film some months ago and accidentally ordered PX 100 for sx-70 cameras instead of PX 600 (I don't have an sx-70). It's been killing me, having that pack of film burning in the drawer of my desk and knowing I spent all that money on it and it being the wrong film etc etc etc... Boo. Too scared to open it and try it out, it's probably going to turn out completely underexposed if I try it in my 600 camera.

Leanne Surfleet said...

oh bummer, thats no good. I was thinking of getting some px 100 for my sx-70. If i were you I'd buy some 600, it would be horrible to waste the 100 film! x

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