Tuesday, 25 May 2010

PX 600 Silver Shade

So, I havent posted in a little while because I got a new (shit) job and have been working my butt off. But I recieved an amazing treat through the post... New Polaroid PX 600 film.
So after work one night last week I went to the beach to try out one shot, I taped the box the film came in onto the front of the camera where it shoots out the film so it wasnt exposed to any light, left it for 2 minutes to develop and heres what I got....

I'm pretty pleased with my first ever shot! Cant wait to go somewhere and take more, I'm not wasting any, as you only get 8 exposures!!!


Karley Knight said...

it came out amazing for your first try with the film . sepia suits the beach. x

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