Wednesday, 12 May 2010

re-scanned cross processed negatives

I decided to re-scan some of my black and white negatives that I never had time to print in college, and ended up scanning in alot of my old cross processed film that I had had processed and printed commerically and then just scanned the print.
I'm so suprised at the quality of colour and brightness that my scanner (CanoScan 8800F) is capable of doing from negatives.

So here are some of those images, including a long lost image that they decided never to print for me assuming it wasnt worth it!

^long lost image^

I will of course be uploading my re-scans of old black and white film in due course, including some that I've never even seen myself!


Helen said...

I love number five, it's magic.

ashleymoe said...

scanning old forgotten film always feels so nice. lovely images!

Leanne Surfleet said...

thankyou both :)

johanna said...

I'm so inspired by your work.
I'll talk about you on my blog

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